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Technical Specification

Coffee, Natural, Antique Coffee, Toffee, Light Coffee and Brandy.

Solid Lock Floating Floor: Patented Uniclic locking system 1830 mm x 135 mm x 14 mm
v Pre-finished
Future Flooring Australia Bamboo Flooring is pre-finished with six coats of superior Klumpp and Treffert coatings. All coatings are water-based, solvent free and meet US/European (E1) standards for off gassing.

Future Flooring Australia Bamboo Flooring has a Janka hardness rating of 15kN - almost twice the average hardwood.

< 10%
VOC Emissions
0.2mg/L (Below recommended World Health Organisation Levels)

Australia Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Tough and Durable
Future Flooring Strand Woven Bamboo is incredibly durable and even stronger than the traditional popular Red Oak hardwood. It also comes pre-finished with six coats of superior quality Klumpp and Treffert coatings. This durable UV resistant low gloss finish provides a hygienic, easy to clean and maintenance solution for your home.

High indoor air quality
Our manufacturer uses the strand woven technology that is hypoallergenic, non-pollutant and termite and allergy resistant, with VOC (formaldehyde) emissions that complies with the recommended World Health Organisation Levels. It is extremely safe and healthy choice for you.

Stylish & Beautiful
The non-stained bamboo flooring with low-gloss finish reveals the most natural beauty of bamboo. Every plank has its unique pattern just like a picture lying on the ground.

Easy installation
Future Flooring Strand Woven Bamboo comes with Uniclick installation system. Uniclic is a revolutionary system for installing bamboo floors without using glue to join boards. It is easy to install for both qualified floor layer and DIY enthusiast.

Environmental Renewable Resource
Bamboo is much more renewable than timber. It grows to optimum hardness and density between 5-6 years compared to hardwood forests of 60-80 years. A beautiful natural solution.

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