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Choosing the right laminate flooring for you home may seem like a daunting decision. After all, it’s a surface that you, your family and your friends will walk, stand and sit on. And of course for those with young families, it’s also a surface that your kids will spill, play and grow up on. ¬And for most, this is a decision that will be made once – maybe twice – throughout the lifetime of owning a particular home. So for that reason, you want to ensure that you’ve made the right decision. Here at W.B.F. we pride ourselves on our wide range of laminate timber flooring options. Both our Classic and Elite range come in a variety of styles, colors and thicknesses, and provide the feel of real wood at a fraction of the cost. ¬¬ The Classic Laminate range features a semi-gloss surface finish, 25 Years Residential Warranty, Double Click locking system, AC3 rating and the smallest V Groove that you can find on the market. It comes in 8mm and 12mm thickness. The Elite Laminate range gives a truly authentic and elegant appearance of real Australian wood, featuring AC4 rating, embossed surface finish, waxed edges. It comes with 25 Year Residential Warranty and is suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial use. Laminate flooring is the obvious choice for those who want to both an affordable and durable flooring option, without compromising on style. The low maintenance nature of this home decor choice means that you don’t need to worry about inflicting damage on your floor every time you move a piece of furniture, or entertain at your home. Laminate timber flooring features a sealed surface which is easy to clean and won’t harbour germs or bacteria. A simple sweep will easily remove all surface dust and dirt, while a quick and easy mop with soap and warm water is usually enough to thoroughly wash and clean the surface. This is especially befitting for those with small children and/or pets, looking for a hygienic and family friendly approach to decorating their home. As an added bonus, laminate flooring is also resistant to fading and damage from UV rays. So you don’t need to worry if your home is prone to regular exposure to sunlight - your floor will look fabulous for years to come! We do of course have plenty of qualified tradesmen who are more than happy to assist with installing your new laminate timber flooring.

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