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If you’re considering vinyl plank flooring for your home, then look no further than W.B.F. Our Luxury Range of vinyl floor planks come in a variety colors and designs – so there’s bound to one that suits your home’s style and decor. W.B.F. luxury range uses 100% recyclable materials, making them environmentally friendly as well as fashionable. Due to its versatility and stylishly modern design, this unique floor system is a popular choice for home decorators. One of the most seductive features of vinyl plank flooring is its uncanny resemblance to real wooden flooring. It not only looks, but feels like the real deal. The realistic appearance that our vinyl floor planks embody enables our customers to achieve the same end result as had they spent a fortune on hardwood flooring. Modern technologies have allowed manufacturers to create vinyl floor planks which actually replicate the same texture as real wood, which means that often people can’t tell the difference! Vinyl floor planks are waterproof, which means that they can be used in wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries. Everyday spills are no longer a drama - simply mop up the mess and you’re done! This is especially important in preventing water damage to the sub-floor below. This also makes them an ideal choice for outdoor pool-houses or areas near outdoor wet areas in warmer areas around Australia. Another great feature of vinyl plank flooring is the sound absorption provided by this particular flooring material. If you have high traffic areas in multi-level buildings, whether it be at the home or a business premises, it no longer matters if there are quieter areas below. The sound of footprints above will no longer be an issue. When teamed with the correct underlay, you are well on your way to successfully soundproofing your building! Vinyl floor planks are also stain resistant, which means that even if your home or work environment is prone to messiness, you no longer need to worry. Do your kids like to colour in on the floor? You no longer need to be concerned about their crayons or textas. You can have the peace of mind of knowing that your floors are protected and safe from damage by every day activity. Vinyl plank flooring is held in high regard by many in the health and human services industry, largely because of their sterile and hygienic qualities. The sealed, waterproof surface ensures that harmful germs and bacteria can’t lurk amongst any surface gaps or crevices. This makes them a superb choice for public venues such as hospitals and nursing homes, where hygiene is absolutely paramount. And why should your family deserve any less? Not only are vinyl floor planks ideal for commercial properties, but also domestic environments such as the family home. If you’ve got young children living in your home, you can now also have the peace of mind that they are living, playing and sleeping in an environment which is easy to keep both clean and healthy. They’re low maintenance and durable enough to be installed in high traffic areas around the home and in commercial environments. They have both the look and feel of real hardwood flooring without the high costs, maintenance and other associated drawbacks.

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